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19 Oct 2017

What is direct selling?

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October 19, 2017 |

Direct Selling is the process of direct communication between the seller and the customer, through which the seller inquires into the need, advises, recommends, persuades the customer to choose and purchases the product.

In direct sales, the seller performs the following functions:

• Introduce benefits and uses of products to customers

• Product demonstration

• Introduce and educate customers about new products

• Answer questions, questions, refusals to buy from customers

• Organizing and conducting promotional activities at point-of-sale

• Negotiate and sign customer contracts

• Follow up after sales to customer care

• Maintaining, developing long-term relationships with customers

• Marketing Information Collection

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Thanks to the direct communication between the seller and the buyer, the sellers have more opportunities to grasp the needs of customers, react flexibly to different types of customers, build friendly relationships between The two sides. Therefore, direct sales are likely to be highly successful.

Direct sales must follow a process that includes steps. On the side of the seller as well as the buyer may have one or more participants depending on the type of product.

Personal sales include the following steps:

1. Probe and evaluate potential customers

2. Exposures: contacts to find out potential customers before selling

3. Exposure with potential customers

4. Introduce products, benefits when using products for customers

5. Negotiate situations when customers refuse

6. Finish selling when there are signs of buying noticed in the customer

7. Monitoring and evaluating the level of customer satisfaction.

For a good sales process, sales management functions are required. It is the process of analyzing, planning, organizing, leading and controlling sales activities. More specifically, sales management includes setting sales staff goals, designing strategies for sales force, recruiting, coaching, assigning, monitoring, evaluating and paying salaries, bonuses for Sales force.


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