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Sought After Speaker
Direct Sales System

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"I have wanted to get started speaking to promote my business for a long time but could never quite seem to get started. With The Sought After Speaker System, I learned the exact steps to take, learned the questions to ask to get easily booked and am finally using speaking to build my business."
- Alice L. Hinckley, CPA and MLM Leader


Sought After Speaker System
Especially for Direct Sellers

This program is designed to set you up for success in providing all of the tools you need to be a Direct Sales Sought After Speaker!

Overview of the Sought After Speaker System

Step #1 Define Your Audience

  • Learn how to decide which groups you want to speak to
  • Answer key questions to determine who will be most receptive to your message
  • Understand what to do to never waste your time when you go give a presentation

Step #2 Get Your Speaker Sheet Done

  • Decide on the three presentation topics that will best allow you to easy get booked and easily increase your bookings, sales and sponsoring
  • Discover what to include in your speaker sheet that positions you as an experienced and sought after speaker and will make you stand out from others
  • Benefit from Caterina’s proven Get Your Speaker Sheet Done Worksheet that allows you to write your speaker sheet fast

BONUS Caterina is including some Sample Speaker Sheets from people that are successfully using speaking to build their business, for you to review to inspire your best possible speaker sheet.

Step #3 Create Your Criteria

  • Answer some important questions to make sure you have a successful speech every time select your criteria and create your target list for where you want to preset
  • Discover what to say and do on your website to position you as an expert speaker

BONUS Based on Caterina’s many years of experience she has put together a list of questions to ask to get the most out of a marketing speech- you will love this list.

Step #4 Identify The Right Groups for You and Build A List

  • Discover ways to reach out and connect with decision makers to schedule your speech
  • Learn the best search strategies will be revealed a simple one that is often overlooked
  • Make note of all the easy and simple ways to get the info you need to get booked as a speaker

BONUS Caterina is giving you her List of Groups Template to help you keep your potential places to speak organized and in one place

Steps #5 & 6 Connect with Your Target Groups and Follow Up

  • Use the tested email template Caterina provides you that tells you exactly what to say in your email to get booked as a speaker
  • Hear the questions inexperienced speakers don’t know to ask to make sure a group is the right match for you so you soar every time
  • Understand how to stay on the radar of groups you connect with for future presentation bookings

Step #7 Be Loud and Proud That You Are a Speaker

  • Discover how to easily use social media to get booked as a speaker
  • Take the super easy super fast step Caterina suggests to spread the word that you have a valuable presentation to deliver
  • Understand how to embrace a make it happen attitude that will serve you to build a thriving direct sales business through public speaking

Step #8 Be an Awesome Speaker

  • Embrace how to eliminate anxiety it it creeps in to ensure an outstanding presentation
  • Discover the voice exercises Caterina learned while studying voice and vocal presentation in the south of France that you can use to warm up your voice before a presentation

Steps #9 &10 Use an Action and Offer Sheet to Get Business

  • Find out what to put on your action sheet to help you build your list and ensure future business
  • Learn how to make an irresistible offer to the audience that will create immediate sign ups while you are still in the room
  • Discover what to do after your speech to come home with new customers, hostesses and new team members

With this Sought After Speaker System, you'll take action and expect success. You will find you can accomplish any goal you have for yourself and your business. This program is eye-opening and mind expanding. It will change the way you think about your business and the way you do business.

Huge Bonus: Sought After Speaker Event Ticket $497 Value

Sought After Speaker 2-Day SummitTicket to Sought After Speaker Two-Day Summit
Twice a year Caterina hosts the Sought After Speaker Summit, a two-day live event designed to upgrade your speaking skills and teach you everything there is to know about coming home with new hostesses, customers, and team members when you present. Direct Sellers report that this event has transformed the way they do business.

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