Who You Are is Monetizable

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lady laying on moneyWhen women entrepreneurs want to attract clients they focus on getting clear on what they are offering and what the results that they get for their clients. This is great. What I want you to know is that you have so much more to offer then just your skills and your services, so much more.

Remember that people care about how you make them feel and that decisions are made first in the emotional brain and then justified in the neo-cortex brain, also called the executive brain. People choose to work with you not only because of what you do, they choose to hire you because of who you are.

Who you are, is the sum of all those qualities that are wonderfully authentically you. Because they are a core part of you, you may not have yet acknowledged or realize that they are anything special.

Like the acupuncturist who gives her patients a hug when she first sees them and sits down and really explains the treatment to her patients, making them feel cared for and empowered about their health. Or think of the image consultant who looks great, but not impeccable making her down to earth rather than intimidating, she sees beauty in everyone so she makes all her clients feel beautiful. Or the social media trainer that has figured out how to say everything in a way that techno neophytes can understand, allowing them to feel welcome and not overwhelmed in her class.

Now, think about who you are, what are your special qualities that you think also attract your clients? Maybe it is your warmth, your generosity, your accessibility, your kindness, your fun, the way people feel safe with you or they feel seen and heard with you. Identify these very special qualities that make up who you are and them amplify them in your business. For example if people in your industry have a reputation for being unreliable, you be super reliable and you be outspoken about the fact that you and your firm are super reliable. If integrity is a rare virtue in your profession: then you be the embodiment of integrity.

Are you getting the idea? It is not just what you do. Who you are can also attract a ton of clients to you. Go and think about what are those qualities that you want to emphasize and present more in the marketplace. Emphasize these qualities in all you do in your business as see how much more you magnetize clients to you.

This is something we put more attention on at the Business Breakthrough Summit. If you have not attended yet join us to become louder and prouder about the value you bring while being more of who you are and seeing your revenue increase as a result. Find out more at http://bizbreakthrough.com

Get A Wall Calendar and Thrive

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wall calendar picLast year I used an online calendar Schedulicity® I am still using it; I like it a lot. It allows clients and late night surfing potential clients to book their own appointments and it allows my THRIVE Team members to book and change appointments for me, and everyone on my team can see my whole schedule. (Here is a link for a 60 day free trial https://www.schedulicity.com/Business/Appointments/Calendar.aspx)

While I love the efficiency and increased productivity of an online calendar there is the dark side to it that no one tells you. You can easily overbook when you can only see one month at a time.

Now I know none of us are new to using a calendar, what I have found though is that when you start to get super busy you need to schedule down time and you can overbook when you only see a month at a time.

Here is my cautionary tale. Because I did not have a calendar where I could see several months at once, last year, I scheduled, for the beginning of this year, five of my own two-day events in five weeks, plus my annual Goals Gala, our client appreciation event. These are big productions that demanded a lot of energy from my whole team and myself. I was wiped out. Never again!

Now, in addition to my online calendar, I have a 3 feet X 5 feet wall calendar that I can glance at and see the whole year in an instant. You do not put appointments on your wall calendar, only day-long activities.

Also you want to color code your calendar for different activities for even easier reviewing. My color code system is the following:

Green stars for my two-day summits 



Purple stars for my two day advanced programs

http://www.thrivingspeaker.com http://www.thrivingbusinessprogram.com

Gold stars for travel days

Red stars for marketing speeches or paid speeches


Pink stars for VIP days with clients

Orange stars for my year-long elite client mentoring program

The wall calendar and the color coding is valuable for many reasons:

1. I can see if I have enough weeks between events for proper promotion

2. I can see if I have down days after my speaking/training days to get rejuvenated

3. I can see in an instant (because my calendar is color coded) if I have any months where I have not hit my goal of 4 marketing speeches each month.

4. I can see in an instant which months are looking slow and need some revenue excitement added.

I love my wall calendar. I have been recommending to all my clients the use of a wall calendar in addition to your smart phone and online calendar. Try it, I know it will make your planning more effective and ensure you get your needed downtime.

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A Business Lesson From A Shark

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SharksAre you a fan of ABC®s, The Shark Tank®? The television show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors to get capital for their businesses? If so, then you have seen the self-assured, master negotiating, deal making shark, Daymond John, the founder of the multi-multi-million dollar clothing empire FUBU®.

I mention Daymond because I heard him deliver the keynote address last week at InfusionCon® the annual extravaganza gathering for InfusionSoft® software users.

As someone who has been speaking and teaching speaking for twenty years and has sat in hundreds of audiences, I will say that I was very impressed, Daymond delivered the best keynote address I have ever seen a celebrity give. He used sound effects and video in a very unique and innovative way and he was dynamic, charismatic, and full of energy.

I was very struck by something he said “power comes from being decisive.” I agree one hundred percent. As a business coach I see it over and over especially with women entrepreneurs, they take days, weeks, even sometimes months to make even insignificant decisions. As a result they are not accelerating their businesses. Time is money is never truer than when it comes to the pace of making decisions.

Make a decision, take the action that supports that decision, and do not doubt your decision once it is made. Stick to that decision, stay with it, correct it if you must, be confident in your decision and figure out how to make it still the right decision when something goes awry.

What is your decisiveness quotient? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10? With 10 being you make decisions quickly almost all of the time and 1 being you waver on everything? Whatever your answer, start to focus on being more decisive, up your decisiveness quotient and watch yourself thrive in your business even more. You will see it makes a huge difference.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Here are some important messages for you today and every day.



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Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet!

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As I created this year’s new, full color, daily inspiration card for you I wanted it to be the year for you to watch yourself amaze yourself. I encourage you to download and post it right where you will see it in the morning to uplift and inspire you each day.

I wrote these words, keeping in mind that you would read them to yourself, to give yourself a boost and set yourself up for a great day. We can all do well to remind ourselves to be enthusiastic, bolder and to take a risk to achieve a goal.

Download this card and each day take a deep breath and spend a few momonts reminding yourself of all the positive intentions and ideas listed here to support you in having an amazing day–every day.


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Take Your Power Position

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Did you know — there is power in how we stand and sit?

A recent Harvard study shows that our posture triggers hormonal responses in our bodies. A powerful, wide-open position triggers the release of testosterone, which creates feelings of confidence and well-being. A narrow, tightly held posture spikes the release of cortisol, which stimulates feelings of shyness or withdrawal.


Boost your hormones, and your talk


Before Your Speech: If you’re sitting, don’t slouch, and don’t be rigid in your seat, either. Assume a relaxed posture, don’t squish yourself into the chair. Keep your chin up. Make eye contact with the audience. Smile, and take deep steady breaths. This will trigger the release of testosterone and get you ready to deliver a confident speech.


During the Speech: Shift into what I call the Wonder Woman pose: Stand with your feet apart, open your arms wide, and embrace the audience. As you talk, use your body to help tell your story. Keep all movements wide and strong. Raise your arms over your head, put them out to the side. Open your palms wide, stretch your fingers. Be loud and proud on the stage. This not only triggers the release of testosterone, but keeps it flowing smoothly throughout your talk.


Post Speech: Don’t shrug your shoulders, bow your head, or look away. Don’t dash off the stage, either. You’ve earned the accolade. If you don’t accept it, you’ll diminish your power and presence – and reduce that heady dose of testosterone swirling through your veins.

By the way the findings of the aforementioned study are additional support to the idea that you should never sit for a speech. Always be standing in your power position.



Communicate Powerfully to Get What You Want

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The most important skill you can develop is the ability to consistently communicate powerfully. When you are confident about your communication, you can easily ask for the business, a raise, even a date.


Use my Powerful Communication Commandments and your communication will be more effective, create a receptive ear on the part of your listener, and get the results you want.


Be an Advocate to Get Attention and Accelerate Your Business

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As a coach and consultant working with all kinds or entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses, I am always looking, always studying, always paying attention to what creates success beyond basic business acumen.

What is it that makes one financial planner, professional organizer or image consultant successful, and another of equal talent struggle? I have noticed one significant principle that I am compelled to shout out loud. I sincerely believe it is the barrier between having a good business and having a phenomenal business. Take a look at yourself as you read on.

What we are talking about is the “it” factor – that special something that will make you and your business stand out in a crowded marketplace and be selected over your competitors.

The “it” factor is being an advocate: taking a stand for something, and in fact being loud and proud about it. I am talking about the real estate agent who does more than list houses – instead she advocates that every working professional can and should own a home; or the owner of a cleaning service who doesn’t just clean, they use non-toxic products and are vocal about the many benefits; or the insurance agent that does not just sell policies, who instead makes it clear that anyone that has children has a responsibility to have life insurance.

By taking a stand for what you really believe in, by taking the high road, yet focusing on what is a significant benefit of your business, you will find that many more people than usual will respond to your message.


To learn how you can go from a service provider to an advocate for your clients, read the full article at: http://www.attractclientswithease.com/articles/beanadvocate.htm


You can also tune into the tele-class recording at: http://www.attractclientswithease.com/teleclasses/BeAnAdvocate.mp3


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Inspiration Card

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When I speak, I give everyone a bright and colorful inspiration card. People post their inspiration cards by the copy machine, on the sides of computers, on refrigerators, and even next to restroom toilet paper dispensers. Download and print out your daily inspiration card now, and post it wherever you can use a little more brightness. Then, please email Caterina, and let me know where you have posted it.



The Expert Advantage, How to be Recognized as an Expert in Your Field

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Get that certificate framed, finish that article, get yourself on a panel. To make your business soar, position yourself as an expert. If you are in a personal service business your potential clients are deciding who they will do business with, based on who they feel will do the best job for then not who is the cheapest. Today’s savvy potential clients are interested in working with who they feel can get them the results they are looking for. As an entrepreneurial success coach working with small business owners I tell my clients over and over ‘everybody wants to do business with an expert.’ If you want to increase your business success establish yourself as an expert. People will give you their business to you if they know you have the expertise to do a good job for them.


If you do not consider yourself as an expert then you have two choices become an expert fast or find a new profession. I would guess you know a lot more than you think you know. You may take your skills for granted- why not – what you do is easy for you.


Some industries have specific designations that signify expertise in that field. For example a CFP designation is used to acknowledge expertise in the financial planning industry, a CLU in the insurance industry. An MA or a Ph.D. always signify expertise even if the degree is in a different field. What is considered expertise is different for each industry. If you are not sure find out if there is a professional designation in your industry. If there is, get it. If this will take years recognize you can begin to create your expertise now even without 10 years experience, a wall full of degrees or a ValueStar on your brochure. Get started today, go here to view some methods of how to be recognized as an expert at: http://www.attractclientswithease.com/articles/betheexpert.htm


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